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forex trading system
forex trading system

forex trading system

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You Can Trade with This System if You Follow These Simple Rules...

The trading rules are simple:

Wait for a semafor, the flower looking indicator. 

Blue/Buy arrows will print, based on close of previous candle; there will have been a blue candle, both Moving Averages are blue, and ZXd is blue.

Red/Sell arrows will print when scenario is all red.

Take the trade if there is not strong support/resistance in the area of the trade. Never trade INTO tested support or resistance zones.

Higher time frames will be more accurate.

Exit on reverse signal, gray heikenashi candle, or when your desired pips are achieved. 

The zxplus trading system is a simple to trade system, using several custom indicators;

  • ZXa Moving Average - changes from red to blue
  • ZXb Moving Average - changes from red to blue
  • ZXd - similar to MacD and changes from red to blue
  • Alert Arrows - when candle, moving averages and ZXd are all same color
  • Stochastic - custom for this trading system
  • Heikenashi Zone Trade Candles - change from red to gray to blue
  • Semafor Sun - indicates highest high or lowest low
  • Supply and Demand Indicator - automated zones on chart. 

Alert arrows print on the screen, as well as a pop up alert, audio, SMS,and email alerts available.

Manual Trading Guide:
Color Coded and Packed Full of Useful Indicators

  • HeikenAshiZone Candles that change from Blue to Gray to Red
  • 2 Moving Averages that change from Blue to Red
  • Supply & Demand Indicator to help you identify a Good Trade
  • Powerful Trend Indicator that shows Trend and Volume and SHORT or LONG text
  • Stochastic with signal line and OVERSOLD or OVERBOUGHT
  • Buy and Sell Arrows that indicate when all of the above is Red or Blue! With on Screen AND email alerts for Arrows! 

If you aren't color blind, then this is a great system for you. Simple strategy. 

  • BUY: When Green arrow appears. Which means candles and all indicators are Blue.
  • SELL: When Magenta arrows appears, which means candles and all indicators are Red.
  • Low Risk Trade: when both Moving Average lines are same color
  • Higher Risk Trade: when only thin, fast Moving Average Line is same color as Candle and Trend Indicator